Calmness That Only Nature Can Offer- Experience Ataraxy Through A Series Of Abstract Landscapes

A series of abstract landscapes by SUPRIYA SATHE

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This Greek term was used by Pyrrho and Epicurus, both, to define the lucid state of robust equanimity, in their pursuit of freedom from distress and worry. The ancient Greek author Sextus Empiricus gave this definition: “Ataraxia is an untroubled and tranquil condition of the soul.”

Experience Ataraxy- the kind of calmness only nature can offer - Global Fashion Street

Calmness That Only Nature Can Offer- Experience Ataraxy Through A Series Of Abstract Landscapes || Bluebells & Birch || 40 x 30 || Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Ataraxy in common use denotes a serene state of calmness. The kind of calmness only nature can offer. Nature offers a special solace to the human mind. One that separates it from the existential anxiety that plagues us all.  Supriya Sathe, the artist from Gurgaon presents her Solo exhibition at the India International Centre, New Delhi, this April 29thand on view till May 4th, 2017.

Supriya’s art is an exploration of the outside and the inside and contemplating the line that divides them. Her landscapes exemplify that divide by seeming natural enough to fit right into the real world despite being purely imaginary, alien yet familiar.

Experience Ataraxy- the kind of calmness only nature can offer - Global Fashion Street

Golden Night || 40 x 30 || Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Through her art she makes an effort to capture the vitality and vibrancy of nature and bring it into the domestic scene. She tries to give tangible and static form to a single moment she envisions within the borderless and dynamic world that surrounds us.

She finds inspiration in the breathtaking vistas she discovers during her travels, be it strolling along beaches of India or hiking through the trails of Norway. Her art is about paying tribute to nature’s bounty and an effort to reconnect with the natural world.

Experience Ataraxy- the kind of calmness only nature can offer - Global Fashion Street

Daylight Dreaming || 36 x 36 || Acrylic Painting on Canvas

“Every once in a while my heart longs to take a break from the city and stand in front of a sea or on a mountain or even just in a park, where I can see all the wonderful colours of trees, hear the birds or the waves and just feel peace and happiness within. That is where I draw my inspiration from. I think art in any medium should uplift the soul and bring peace to the mind.

Having lived in the UK and Travelled Extensively around the world I try to capture my beautiful memories of nature on canvas and aim to transport the viewer to these wonderful places.”

Experience Ataraxy- the kind of calmness only nature can offer - Global Fashion Street

Aqua Splash || 60 x 40 || Combined 2 Acrylic Painting on Canvas

The young artist says about her technique, “I am a landscape artist usually painting surreal landscapes. I paint using acrylics on canvas and I like to use bold colours and different textures to make the painting come alive on my canvas.”

Supriya has to her credit many exhibitions around in London, Chicago and India.

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