Have you tried the age old picnic fun lately

Enjoy the winter sun by going for a picnic this season.

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Come winters, and it’s time to be out in the sun. And the best way to enjoy a winter sun is make way for a picnic.

Have you tried the age old picnic fun lately - Global fashion Street

Have you tried the age old picnic fun lately || Pixabay

Perhaps, the oldest style of celebrations, picnics, help rejuvenate like nothing else. There’s nothing like spending a day out in the lush greens, amidst nature, lazying under the sun.

Forget any activity on picnic, just lazying on the grass and gazing at the vast blue sky is an amazing stress buster.

Have you tried the age old picnic fun lately - Global fashion Street

Picture: Global Fashion Street / Kiran Chopra / Nov. 2016

Plan a lazy picnic that doesn’t leave you stressed out or tired. Go for a heritage spot like a fort or a palace that allows you to have a picnic in its Gardens. The greener the surroundings, the better the relaxation. Studies suggest, we feel at ease the most amidst greenery and especially, when there are flowers around in full bloom.

Try planning a picnic near to your place. Long drives, however relaxing, will leave you tired. No point in stressing it out again in city traffic after spending a great day. Check places like public parks or gardens close to your place, where you can enjoy for an entire day.

Have you tried the age old picnic fun lately - Global fashion Street

Plan a picnic carefully. Do not carry load full of things that might not even be useful. In the excitement of picnic packing, we often end up carrying lots, which by the end of the day feel heavy to carry back. Just stick to bare essentials. Water, mats, bin bag, newspaper, hand towel, umbrella and some snacks to munch on are good enough. Other than that, ask yourself, if you would really have time for books or additional games if there are too many activities already planned.

If you are planning a picnic near a river or a lake, where you are most likely to go for a swim, carry additional clothes.

Have you tried the age old picnic fun lately - Global fashion Street

Picture: Global Fashion Street / Vivek Nambiar / Nov. 2016

Leave from home early to make the most of the day. Late start will give you less time and it will all look like a burden.

So this winters, make sure to be out in the sun, and enjoy something nobody charges for!

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