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Live Consciously - Global Fashion Street

Have you ever felt that your life is running on an auto pilot mode? That you have wanted to make a change, but it hasn’t happened? Sometimes wonder where you are headed? Well, these may just be some symptoms of living unconsciously. Well, not literally! However, the metaphor of unconsciousness is used, since; the breathing is taking place, not the living. Living consciously may enrich our experience with ourselves and with our life.

Pause and Think: What was the purpose of getting married? Having kids? Picking up a habit? Living a habit? Compulsive thinking? Playing mindless video games? Surfing hours on the net? Being a control freak? Getting Angry? Getting everyone to do what you want them to do? Sleeping late? Getting up late?

If we are doing the above Consciously, Brilliant!!! If compulsively …Its may be the time to Act Now! In a day how many times are we operating out of – Awareness /Consciousness?? What restricts us? The effects we see in our life today may be caused by things we do. Cause and Effect! Remember!

Live Consciously - Global Fashion Street

If your life is fantastic than you are probably already making conscious choices to keep it that way! However if that’s not the case, Take charge of yourself!! Identify the tasks, actions that you take, which leave you with an unpleasant taste, after you have taken them! They could be as simple as, scolding someone, eating that desert, not making an effort to make that call, find that job, not believing in yourself to start that venture!

We all possess the power to live the life we envision for ourselves; however we sometimes don’t bridge the gap from envisioning to realizing it. That is the space where we consciously need to choose our thoughts, powers, and actions.

Live Consciously - Global Fashion Street

Most successful people have been successful in spheres of their lives because they have attempted to attain a certain amount of consciousness in what they do. A sports person chooses not to skip his practice, as it may impact his performance, an actress/actor may choose not to cheat on her healthy eating, since it impacts the role she /he is playing. Each small step is a stepping stone for the next one. Take that step and celebrate at every point! Pat your own back, treat yourself – you have a long way to go! Because you have the power to inspire everyone around you. We inspire by living what we believe in and believing what we live by!

Make an effort to pump life into each relationship – Parents, Partner, Kids, and Friends. Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul. Eat with care, Exercise with commitment, Love Unconditionally, Pray with Love, Laugh like never before, Forgive like a child, Think in the Now, Consciously Act in areas of your life you’ve been wanting to shower with change. Be aware of what’s going inside of you, over power your sub- conscious, by taking each step with awareness. It may take time to fix a habit; however, we need to fix the cause to change the effect on life!

Live Consciously - Global Fashion Street

One thing that we do most unconsciously is breathing, and in Yoga- even conscious breathing has the power to take away ailments and pump it with new life! Live a life that takes a Breath away!

Live by choice not by chance!

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Ruchi brings along with a Rich experience of 15 years in the field of Behavioral and Leadership skills training in the Corporate World. She is a Reiki Master and has been practicing it for 16 years . She runs her own workshop – “Love , Laugh and Live , FLY ( Fall in love with yourself ) with an objective to help everyone lead a fulfilled life.

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