Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak

An insight to the world of French-American Artist, photographer and Director

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He has been astounding his audiences worldwide for the last 25 years with exceptional designs and artworks that he creates combining different techniques and technology and enthralling everyone who comes across his pieces of art. He shot videos for Janet Jackson, Robbie Williams and Daft Punk and has majorly contributed towards innovative use of technology in graphics. Meet the maverick, unplugged, in a virtual conversation with Kiran Chopra…

Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak - Global Fashion Street

Janet Jackson || Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak

More than two decades of photography and understanding the world of art, how would you summarize your journey so far?

I’ve never understood the world of art! I mean business of art! Because art today does not exist anymore without the business side –mark my words, it’s just like the real estate bubble!

One day, collectors will understand how badly they have invested on so many artists collection, I could call that ‘the art dealing bubble’

Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak - Global Fashion Street

The Mastermind Maverick Seb Janiak

My journey in art gave me a lot of freedom to experiment and to search, within and beyond.

Connecting the world of art around and the thoughts within..

Strangely, it’s only when I started to lose the mobility of my legs that I started to see the world around me, differently.

The rear view is essential to understand what we have done or doing. I believe our conscience is the center of our world, and time is an illusion operated by our conscience.

My wish is to make more and more people aware about the fact that our planet, life in general is connected to the entire universe permanently.

Quantum physics show us speed light is just one step! Integration shows us that any kind of atoms can be connected in real time, regardless of the light year distances involved.

Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak - Global Fashion Street

Uchrony, rue Reaumur, 1989 || Chromogenic Print || Seb Janiak

My first project was the series ‘ Uchrony’ started in 1986. The purpose was to make people understand our cities, if you look at them on a geological scale (in million years), are just a flash light in time.

A city will never survive more than few thousand years-nature will come back and swallow it. Human constructions are ephemeral!

The change in perceptions…

I am a lot less naïve now. But my fighting soul against injustice, nature killing by human is still very strong!

I’ve always thought -saying that human will destroy Earth is very hypocrite! Earth or Nature will always adapt, but humans can disappear very quickly!

Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak - Global Fashion Street

The Kingdom, Bardo Thodol, 2010 || Chromogenic print || Seb Janiak

So Ecology is for me is a fight to protect humans, not earth or nature

Photography ‘In the times of camera phones’…

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One image has a power of a thousand words! And because human beings are lazy by nature, and need to communicate to stay healthy, like our cells in our body, they need to communicate! (A tumor is a break in this communication).

Images have won! And everybody is using it to communicate! Giving the opportunity to all to express themselves using camera is great and fascinating.

Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak - Global Fashion Street

1. MIMESIS_Phalaenopsis lunatis 180x180cm © SEB JANIAK || 2. MIMESIS_lubhyati Solitudinis 180x180cm © SEB JANIAK || MIMESIS_Vaporum 180x180cm © SEB JANIAK || 4. MIMESIS_Lacus Luxuriae 180x180cm © SEB JANIAK

Of course, it is not because you know how to press a button you will become a great artist :-) but this consideration was already there when photographic camera became public 50-60 years ago.

Personally, I love clicking photo with my phone :-)

Your favorite place/country/landscape that satiates your creative soul…

Iceland!! This amazing and unique mineral environment, really push me to plugin with my soul, Iceland is like a mirror which pushes me to liberate myself.

I love desert for the same reason- the emptiness around you pushes you to look inside.

Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak - Global Fashion Street

Uchrony, Liberty Is Dead, 1989 || Chromogenic print || Seb Janiak

Directing the Western Music Videos…

First, I have always been surrounded by music since my childhood. I mean good music.  Getting the opportunity to add my own vision to it was fantastic!

Also, the music in the eighties was really creative. It was the beginning of music video industry. I was really lucky to share and enjoy this golden age of music video (from 1990 to 2000).

I have always worked with the artist directly, the process was only artistic.  The record company had no words at that time in the artistic process.

Since 2001, the music video creative business has collapsed into marketing and numbers of followers or likes on social networking. Most of the celebrities involved in music videos are focusing too much on themselves, and not enough on the creative idea.

Also, it was really nice to make videos using 35 mm movie camera in that period. I have learnt a lot about techniques. When video started to become professional and compact, I was so enthusiastic and optimistic.

Meet the Mastermind of Art, Photography and Direction- Seb Janiak - Global Fashion Street


And I was right, because today, you have 10,000 more talents using digital tools at home and able to produce, shoot, edit, post product themselves, almost completely on your own.

This never happened before!

Of course, this technological tsunami is difficult to digest. A lot of shit has invaded the internet and TV! But from this ocean of videos and new creations, you can always pick some amazing pearls which will appear and seduce you.

The world of Seb Janiak…

Invisible, immaterial, infinity, love/hate, empathy, magic, light, darkness, hope and foolproof faith.

A theme still untouched still…

Trans-humanism. I am starting a new series about space/time and our perception of it through our conscience.

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