Our Team

Kiran Chopra
Kiran is a New Delhi based journalist with over 15 years of experience in the field of writing, making magazines and websites. She also likes to indulge in photography, fashion shoots and making documentaries. Her fall back plan includes making sculptures, which she practices at Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg, New Delhi.

Amarpreet Singh, Team Head- Tech.
Amar is an avid technology man. With an experience of four years in the virtual world making websites and developing designs, he looks forward to creating stuff that synonyms perfection. When he is not fiddling with technology he is busy creating a design. The only other thing he loves is travelling.

Neel Kamal Pandey
Neel Kamal Pandey is a chemist turned photojournalist and believes that traveling can change the world. Could be found with hitchhiking in the Himalayas with his camera to accompanying him.

Aakshit Arora
Akshit is a young enthusiast Photographer who owns a dream of being a Travel Photographer and working on Shutters from past 2 years for that. His areas of interest includes Fashion, Travel, Street. He loves to capture candid moments. “Photography is an art of giving soul to stills”

​Krishna’s journey to discovering the self began 18 years back and he realized the truth 9 years back after he broke up with drugs and alcohol. For the last nine years he has been practicing this method of meditation and he has got Peace which is intensifying every passing day. Today, he mentors people in distress and serves all who ask for his help.​

Anuradha likes to indulge in the glorious stories of various mythologies, Mahabharata being her favourite. A science graduate and an MBA, Anuradha has had her stint with the corporate world for more than a decade and she now likes to leisurely spend her time studying Hindu mythology.

Gurunam Singh
Gurunam Singh tours world-wide sharing his music in a variety of settings/events including: studio kirtans and workshops, conferences, retreats, music festivals, concerts and more. For more information on booking Gurunam please contact his events manager below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lokesh Chopra
A complete foodie by choice, Lokesh likes to indulge in trying new and interesting recipes from all cuisines. Coming from the corporate world, what started as a de-stress call, soon became a passion. Today, he has his own fanfare waiting for him to start his own eatery.

Ruchi Narang
Ruchi brings along with a rich experience of 15 years in the field of Behavioral and Leadership skills training in the Corporate World. She is a Reiki Master and has been practicing it for 16 years . She runs her own workshop – “Love , Laugh and Live , FLY ( Fall in love with yourself ) with an objective to help everyone lead a fulfilled life.

Narendra Goidani
Narendra Goidani, the founder of Life School, has been conducting inspirational training programs for people from all walks of life, for more than 14 years. His main focus is training people on “EMPOWERED LIVING”. He has a magical ability to identify talent and nurture it. He is a mentor to thousands across the globe. His emphatic long standing ‘Life Value’ has been these three words, ‘Inspire OR Expire’.

Sharna de Lacy
Sharna is the con-founder of The Fabric Social and a creative soul with a passion for constant travel, Vespas, and fine fabrics. She has been writing on various subjects for last ten years and can be reached out at- sharna@thefabricsocial.com

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