Soul Surfer in the Himalayas

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Life spirit is the vitality, energy and life force that runs through us. It is the immense force that drives us through the highs and lows of our everyday lives. And it needs constant nurturing to give us strength. Experience the life force within you through Soul Surfer Meditation Retreat, a four day meditation program and understand how it makes us feel alive and connected.

Soul Surfer in the Himalayas - Global Fashion Street

Soul Surfer in the Himalayas

A travelling and Meditation program that connects you to the world within and beyond. A program designed to de-stress, detoxify and energize your soul. Explore the world outside and experience the world within. This Travelling Meditation program is designed to bring you peace and happiness from inside.

Under the Aegis of Author and Master, Dev OM, the Soul Surfer Meditation Retreat will witness like-minded people, practitioners and seekers of a healthier, happier and spiritually empowered life. The program offers a scheduled itinerary that will entail meditation, light travel, healing, self-discovery and various other Life Connects.

Schedule Details: June 23rd-26th 2017, Shillong, Meghalaya.

Welcome Session, Orientation and Introductions
Group Energy Formation- Creating Circle of Life
Stress Relief Meditation & Invoking Soul Power
Developing Self Love Exercise
Sunset Block Releasing Technique
Divine Screen Meditation
Sufi Group Dance
Q&A Session with the Master

Jungle Trekking with Five-Elements Meditation*
Therapeutic Yoga
Power Breath-Work
Cosmic Energy & Chakra Meditation
Dance – Laughter – Celebration
Developing Empathy Practice
Discovering Your Golden Point
Q&A Session with the Master

Therapeutic Yoga
Power Breath-Work
Waterfall Trek
Chakra Dance Meditation
Shiv–Ganga Meditation
Awareness Building Techniques
Q&A Session with the Master

Morning Meditation
Retrospection, Experiences and Team Discussions
Closing Ceremony

*Personal Guidance Session available on request with the Master, any day during the Retreat. Retreat Contribution Single Person – INR 16,000 | For Couple – INR 28,000. The program fee is inclusive of Stay, Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea and Dinner. Accommodation available on twin sharing basis.

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The Programme is open and suitable for all. Family Friendly in every aspect. From First timers to frequent spiritual explorers.

Join us and nurture the true love within ourselves. Relieve Physical & Mental stress through Self-Healing and Pure Joy! Let’s begin a journey of Self-Love & Acceptance.

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Elephant Falls Shillong

*Discover Different World Cuisines at International Cafes
*Stroll around Tibetan Market and understand the local culture
*Discover Herbal Teas and exotic Momos
*Experience the Himalayas!

PS: Prior Registrations give you access to discount coupons on Air travel with our Travel Partners. For Local/surface transport our team support shall be there to help you at all times.

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