Tisca Chopra makes her own Chutney

Watch this new short film by produced by Tisca Chopra.

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The crisp short film brings binds you to the core and a powerful screenplay makes you wonder what next. Almost unpredictable, till the end, the movie broils up to a subtle suspense combined with superb acting by Tisca herself, who looks completely different as this morbid housewife oblivion to events around her.

Tisca Chopra makes her own Chutney - Global Fashion Street

Adil Hussain || Tisca Chopra makes her own Chutney

It is interesting and vicious, the Chutney, the movie, plays around the realities of life that deal with infidelity, love, lust and revenge. The fifteen minutes movie takes a sharp turn towards the end to reveal the conniving small town woman and her capabilities. Produced under The Eastern Way, a banner owned by Tisca Chopra, the movie also takes it funding from Royal Stag Barrel Select.

The idea takes inspiration from a play Tisca had performed many years back around the same theme and she finalised the script with Director Jyoti Kapur Das and Avneesh Mishra to present Chutney, shot in high feature film quality.

Tisca Chopra makes her own Chutney - Global Fashion Street

The short film has actors like Adil Hussain, Tisca Chopra, Rasika Dugal in the lead along with Sumit Gulati, Devesh Ranjan, Sanjeev Singh and Aaksh Bhardwaj amongst others. Shot in Chandni Chowk, Delhi and Gurgaon (NCR) the film saw its release on YouTube on Nov 28, 2016.

Tisca Chopra makes her own Chutney - Global Fashion Street

Rasika Dugal

The movie opens to a small club gathering to introduce its main characters and I love the way the expressions say it all in the first segment. Tisca Chopra is so non-glamorously portrayed that you actually discover her in the third or the fourth frame. She plays simple (read boring) Vanita, the wife of a popular businessman in the town.

Tisca Chopra makes her own Chutney - Global Fashion Street

Tisca Chopra plays the non-glamorous Vanita

How she manipulates the girl who she knows is the current muse of her husband is intriguing. You don’t really expect a simpleton to be manipulative and devious from inside.

What follows next is some grey, some black, some beige and some red! Overall it’s gripping and Global Fashion Street rates it at 4 stars out of 5.

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